Information for Authors of User Reviews

User Reviews are professionally refereed scholarly articles written by authors who have taught out of Course Notes and wish to share their experiences with prospective users.


Topics addressed in User Reviews may include anything that might be useful to prospective users, such as:

  • novel supplemental materials or teaching strategies adopted by the author in teaching from the notes,
  • pitfalls encountered in using the notes and solutions developed to overcome these pitfalls,
  • strengths and weaknesses of the notes as used with a particular audience,
  • reflections on the author's experiences teaching with the course notes,
  • reflections on how using the notes affected aspects of the author's teaching,
  • specific suggestions for other instructors planning to use the notes, or
  • discussions of student reactions to the way the course notes were used.

User Reviews should aim to be as useful as possible for potential users and should be written in a professional, scholarly and collegial tone. They should indicate the author's background in inquiry-based teaching, which JIBLM notes were used, the size and makeup of the class, and details of how the class was structured around the notes, so that readers have a context within which to interpret the review.


Authors submitting materials retain copyright and cede to JIBLM the right to display published materials in perpetuity. Anyone reproducing or displaying JIBLM publications should clearly display the journal name, title, issue and number. Reproduced materials may be distributed provided that no charge is levied to the users beyond the cost of reproduction.


User Reviews should be sent via email to Reviews Editor Nat Miller along with a completed Review Submissions Form using the LaTeX templates provided. The form user_review_template.tex serves as:

  • a guide to typesetting your course notes, and
  • a template to be modified to produce your print ready submission.

To get started

  • download the Submission Form, submission_ur.tex,
  • download the Reviews LaTeX template, template_ur.tex,
  • download the JIBLM Reviews Formatting Package jiblm_ur.tex,
  • place jiblm_ur.tex and user_review_template.tex in the same directory,
  • compile user_review_template.tex and read the output, and
  • place your article into a copy of the file template_ur.tex.

Do not modify jiblm_ur.tex. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the Technical Editor Ted Mahavier.